Sleep Apnea Basics

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Understanding your diagnosis

Learning that you have sleep apnea can be alarming at first. Here you will discover how to adapt and still get very good quality sleep in spite of your diagnosis.

Different treatments and equipment

Most likely, you’ve been recommended to use a CPAP machine and all that comes with it. Machines vary. Which one is right for you? Which masks will you prefer. Here you can explore your options and learn about what experienced sleep apnea ‘sur-thivers’ do to adapt, and overcome their situation.

Life is for the living. Sleep Apnea will not hold you back.

With information, tips and tricks, and hacks that have been carefully curated and gleaned from everyone from high performing entrepreneurs, to simply genuinely happy people who have overcome their diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, You will join them in success and happiness.

About us

We break down the stigma of learning that you have Sleep Apnea. You will get passed this condition, and live life as normally as everyone else with a few simple adaptations that will mitigate the effects of sleep apnea. Join us as we continue to bring to this site, and to you, the latest in technology and thoughts about living with sleep apnea. Please note that links on, and in this site are affiliate links. If you click on them, I may be compensated if you do so. I will only recommend products, and services that I do, or would use myself. An example of this is the following Amazon link:

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Where to start

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